Thursday, February 16, 2017

Linocut Workshop in Warrnambool

The three lino blocks pictured above are set to wing their way to Warrnambool (although strictly speaking, they'll be travelling in my suitcase). I'm giving a two-day linocut workshop there on the weekend and really look forward to working with the participants. Workshop organiser Glenn Morgan tells me we have a full house.

Also travelling with me is a group of Moth Woman Vigilantes lino blocks.

We’ll be working in a studio in the former Fletcher Jones Factory, now the site of a fabulous antiques and collectables market, that just happens to be one of my favourite places in Warrnambool. It’s just as well I’ll be working, as it’s invariably filled with temptations to which I have little resistance.

Monday, February 13, 2017

FOTP 2017

Pictured below are a handful of highlight's from yesterday afternoon's spectacular 2017 Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair at magnificent Melbourne Town Hall. Despite a number of conflicting events in our fair city, the turn-out was fantastic, with visitor numbers well into the thousands. With Sticky Institute at the helm, support from the City of Melbourne, assistance above and beyond the call of duty from my partner, Shane Jones, and warm companionship from our stall neighbours, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, what could possibly go wrong? Well, thanks in no small part to Sticky Institute and the dedication and professionalism of our fellow stall holders, absolutely nothing did.

Pictured with some of my zines. To my right are Gracia and Louise with some of theirs. Photo: Shane Jones.

With the indispensable Shane Jones, minutes before the doors opened to a deluge of zine fanciers.
Photo credit: Gracia Haby.

Feeling justifiably proud of my new Moth Woman Press sign. Photo by Shane Jones.

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

It seemed to us that the visitor count was even higher than last year.

People continued to arrive in droves right up until the very end.

It was a day to remember and treasure. Thanks so much to all of the above and to everyone who came along. For a more detailed pictorial view of the Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

EDITIONS 17 Opening Night

 Opening night of EDITIONS 17. I'm pictured with James Pasakos, fellow exhibiting artist and founder of
Goldfields Printmakers. Photo credit: Shane Jones.

An oppressively hot night didn't deter the huge, lively and enthusiastic crowd at the opening night of EDITIONS 17 at Tacit Contemporary Art. It's a great show, a must for lovers of print. Pictured below is Rose Tattoo, one of three works I have in the show.

Deborah Klein, Rose Tattoo, 2016, linocut, hand coloured
(unique state) 46.5 x 36.5 cm. Photo credit: Tim Gresham.

The exhibition runs until 26 February.

Tacit Contemporary Art,
312 Johnston Street,
Abbotsford, Vic. 3067
Phone: 0423 323 188
Wednesday - Friday 11 am - 6 pm
Sat - Sun 11 - 5 pm

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Distinguished visitors to the Melbourne Studio

For Shane Jones and I, a highlight of recent weeks was a visit to our Melbourne studio from distinguished books and works on paper artists Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison and, by special request, their adorable dog, Lottie. I had invited them all for a private view of my newly completed artist book, Leaves of Absence. Their support and sound advice throughout this project has meant a great deal. 

We are eagerly anticipating occupying adjoining stalls at next Sunday's Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair at Melbourne Town Hall. (See previous post). If it's only half as much fun as last year's zine fair, I know we'll have a ball.

Lottie listens intently as Gracia Haby, myself and Louise Jennison discuss the finer points of artist book making.
Photo credit: Shane Jones.

L-R: Shane, Lottie, Gracia and Louise

Friday, February 3, 2017

The 2017 Festival of the Photocopier

In recent weeks, most of our creative hours have been spent at Moth Woman Press, in feverish preparation for the 2017 Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday week, February 12.

To the right of the poster above are three mini-zines I've made especially for the fair. They are (from top): Pressed for Time, Leaves of Absence and The artist's hand. Accompanying them will be an extensive array of Moth Woman Press zines and mini-zines.

To see some of my recent zine-related activities, go HERE. Better yet, come along to FOTP2017. Don't forget to stop by the Moth Woman Press table and say hello.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


What finer way to kick off the printmaking year than with EDITIONS 17, Tacit Contemporary Art’s annual print exhibition? Bigger and better than ever, it will showcase over 150 works by 45 Victorian printmakers

I have three linocuts in the show, including Dainty Paperwing Woman (pictured on the above invitation).

Artists include: Elizabeth Banfield, T J Bateson, Louise Blyton, Peter Brown, Craig Daniels, Kevin Foley, Peter Garnick, Janet Goldman, Jackie Gorring, Carolyn Hawkins, Jodi Heffernan, Kate Hudson, Clare Humphries, Hyun Ju Kim, Kyoko Imazu, Lana de Jager, Shane Jones, Myra Kaufman, Marita Kelly, Michele Kershaw, Deborah Klein, Damon Kowarsky, Marion Manifold, Jane Marriott, Marie Mason, Malini Maunsell, Paula McLoughlin, Karen Neal, Marte Newcombe, Sharron Okines, Helen Oliver-Skuse, Diana Orinda Burns, James Pasakos, Catherine Pilgrim, Stephanie Jane Rampton, Libby Schreiber, Gwen Scott, Lisa Sewards, Beata Slifierz, Jennifer Smyth, Jan Stickland, Anne-Maree Taylor, Steven Tester, Yvonne Torrico and Joel Wolter.

Opening night: Wednesday 8 February 6.30 – 8 pm

The exhibition continues until 26 February.

Tacit Contemporary Art
312 Johnston St
Abbotsford Vic 3067

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Friday 11 am -  6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Friday, January 20, 2017

Return to Newstead

With the artist book, Leaves of Absence, completed (see previous post) Newstead has been very much on my mind of late. At this time of year, our friends Leigh Hobbs and Dmetri Kakmi are usually house sitting there, but this time it's not the case (I believe the owners of the house are currently in residence). It was on a walk with Dmetri and Leigh in the winter of 2015 that I collected the first leaves for what became Leaves of Absence. Some months later, on the back verandah of that very same house, they were the first people I showed the initial trial proofs to.

The pull to Newstead has been strong, and last Sunday we finally made it back there. It was in a sense a sentimental journey. I must admit to being a little sad that Leigh and Dmetri weren't there when the first phase of an endeavour that has become such a big part of my life (as they are also) came full circle.

My partner, Shane Jones, has been a tower of support throughout the highs and lows of the project. Shane is pictured below, looking for all the world like a figure from a painting by Caspar David Friedrich.

I trust that these photos will convey something of Newstead's unspoiled, tranquil beauty, which for me is combined with more than a touch of magic. I'm especially eager to share them with my faraway friend, Arizona-based iPad artist, Deborah McMillion. In taking on this project, I found myself as far away from my comfort zone as we are from each other. Her insights, advice and support have been invaluable; without her input, the project wouldn't have evolved in the myriad unexpected ways that it has.

I took advantage of the visit to collect additional leaves and to search for Amorbus alternatus nymphs, the enchanting insects that populate the eucalyptus saplings in Newstead. Although they are regarded as minor pests, it is they that refine and shape the leaves I use in my images.

There were not as many Eucalyptus tip bugs as on previous visits. I've since discovered that they are most prevalent on hot days (Sunday was bearably warm, compared to the scorcher of a day we first came upon them just over twelve months ago). Most of the nymphs we found were quite small, but exquisite nonetheless.

I also uncovered a colourful egg of an unknown creature:

I'm guessing it contains an insect just like the one in the following two images:

Research as to its identity will most certainly follow.

In the underbrush a butterfly (a Wanderer, I believe) rested.

I also discovered this splendid caterpillar. Again, I've no idea of its identity, although its colours recall those of the Amorbus alternus nymphs.

Directly below, it may look as if I'm photographing an empty leaf, but in fact my camera is focused on a tiny spider, camouflaged so successfully as to render it virtually invisible on the leaf's surface. Only the spider's shadow betrays its presence.

(The carrier bag hanging from my wrist contains my latest haul of leaf specimens, now pressed and drying in the Ballarat studio).

Subsequent research has revealed it to be a Flower Spider.

There were also more Eucalyptus tip bug nymphs:

What better way to end our fruitful visit to Newstead on a warm day than with a cold beer?

Thank you, Newstead and goodbye - until next time.

For more about our visit to Newstead, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Gold Letter Day

Leaves of Absence (closed). Linen box with gold debossed text and image,
32.5 (H) x 25.5 (W) x 4 cm (D). Edition: 10, plus 1 artist proof

Yesterday was a red letter day, or rather a gold letter day. The boxes for the artist book, Leaves of Absence, were completed, marking the final stage of this almost two-year long project. Leaves of Absence is a limited edition of 10, plus one artist proof.

The closed book is pictured above, followed directly below by selected page views. To preview additional pages, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.